About us
"Jade Audio" is a subsidiary brand of FiiO Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. which employs a direct-sales model. Derived from "翡声" (Fei Sheng), the entity's Chinese name which means "the sound of Jade". The name "Jade Audio" conveys our mission towards providing consumers with crisp and pleasant listening experience while maintaining audio fidelity.

Building on the brand reputation and technologies which FiiO have established and acquired previously, particularly in the core business of portable Hi-Res audio products.  The company have a team of core members who are subject experts with empirical knowledge in acoustics, focusing on the ultimate exploration of sound quality, with a commitment to independent research and development. Leveraging on the technologies and design approaches of FiiO, the Jade Audio brand aims to create products with core functions and select accessories to provide audio enthusiasts with products of high quality at a competitive price.

Employing a direct-sales model via the Internet, Jade Audio seeks to reduce the cost of intermediaries and allows us to serve the customers directly. This model would allow customers to purchase products at competitive pricing and enjoy a more comprehensive service direct from the company....