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1. Quick start guide, Windows USB DAC driver,FiiO Control Android version download link
Quick start guide download link: Click here
FiiO USB DAC driver download (For Windows computer): Click here
FiiO Control Android version download link: Click here
Note: The KA11 could not be controlled via the iOS version FiiO Control APP. But after adjusting the setting in KA11 or in Android FiiO Control, the settings will be saved.
2. What accessories are included in the KA11?
KA11*1, Quick start guide*1, Warranty card*1
Input: Type-C or Lightning
Output: 3.5mm headphone jack
Dimensions: About 44.5*9.7*10.5mm
Cable length: About 65.5mm
Weight: about 8.5g
3.How to control the KA11 via the FiiO Control APP in Android mobile phone?
Note: The KA11 could not be controlled via the iOS version FiiO Control APP. But after adjusting the setting in KA11 or in Android FiiO Control, the settings will be saved.
1.Please update the FiiO Control APP to latest version first.(Download link: Click here)
2.Connect the KA11 to the Android mobile phone with  Type C port via its Type-C cable. In the FiiO Control app 'My product' page,choose KA11 to enter KA11 control page.
4. How to use the KA11 as a USB DAC for mobile phones?
The KA11 can be connected to the mobile phone or PAD with  Type C port via its Type-C cable.
(If you are using iOS device with a lightning port, you would need to choose the KA11 lightning edition).
  1. A compatibility issue may occur to certain Android mobile phones or music players due to system and hardware differences.

  2. Some mobile phones are required to turn on the OTG function, so as to use the KA11 normally. For detailed settings, please consult the support of mobile phones.

  3. Some mobile phones may show the 'non-certified Type-C digital headphone' notification. You can ignore the message and use it normally.

About the Exclusive USB Audio Access Mode
Due to system and hardware differences of certain Android mobile phones, there may be some permission conflicts and compatibility issues when they are working in the Exclusive USB Audio Access Mode. Here are some situations we have noticed.
For some mobile phones, third-party apps are forbidden in the background by default in their power management policies. This will cause a stop on the playback after a few seconds when the music app is working in the Exclusive USB Audio Access Mode. If it happens, please set the app to stay working while asleep in the battery management setting of the mobile phone.
5.How to use the KA11 as a USB DAC for computers?
[Windows PC]
1.It runs drive-free in Windows 10 and above systems.
2.Install the FiiO USB DAC driver. It supports ASIO output for further DSD512. Please click the link here to download the driver: Click here
3.On the menu of settings - audio output device of the playback software, select ""FiiO KA11"" and then connect the KA11 to the headphones to listen to music.
DSD track playback settings: Click here
[MAC computer]
MAC systems do not need a driver. If connecting to a Type-C port of the computer, you could use the KA11 Type C edition. Please select ""FiiO KA11"" as the audio output device on the computer.
Note:If the computer does not have Type C port but the USB A port, please use an extra Type C to USB A or Lightning to USB A adapter for connecting.
6. What's the difference between the lowpass filters?
There are 5 different filters built in the KA11 for your preference. Filters are the sound effects born with the chip, which only has slight adjustments for the sound. Here are some introductions to some filters. These are only for reference, since actual listening also has something to do with the matched device.
Minimum phase fast roll-off filter: neutral, medium reverb, sound thicker, partial midrange, thick warm, suitable for vocals and slower tempo music;
Fast roll-off, Phase-compensated filter: neutral, a small amount of reverb, restored to the natural sound, neutral tone, suitable for natural and fast music with strong sense;
Minimum phase slow roll-off filter: neutral, a small amount of reverb, warmer sound, more mid-range, large soundstage, suitable for orchestral and other large compositions music;
Slow roll-off, Phase-compensated filter: sharp, a small amount of reverb, restored to the original sound, neutral tone, detailed, suitable for favoring monitor style;
Non over-sampling filter: sampling rate equal to the signal frequency, with no oversampling of the signal.
7. Can I connect the KA11 with the NS or PS5?
Yes, the KA11 supports UAC 1.0 mode.(You could switch the UAC mode via  the Android version FiiO Control APP.) So it is could work with NS or PS5 via USB connection.
8. The decoding ability and indicator instruction of KA11
Max supported formats: 384kHz/32bit, DSD256
Different light colors stand for different states. Here are the details:
If the indicator does not light correctly, please check the following steps:
  1. Indictor does light up: Please check whether the indicator light has been turned of via the FiiO Control?

  2. Indicator light does not change:

a. Please check whether the sampling rate of the source satisfies the light color condition?
b. Have you enabled the USB exclusive mode?
After connecting to the KA11, APP that support USB exclusive mode will pop up the window of whether enable USB exclusive mode. Please click to confirm. Play the high-sampling audio source, the KA11 indicator will automatically change colour correspondingly.
9. Does the KA11 support Spdif out?
No. In order to enhance the performance of the USB output, SPDIF output function isn't added for KA11.
10. What's the material of the cable for KA11?
The cable is made of high-purity oxygen-free palladium-plated copper wires, which allow for low impedance, quick transmission of signals, and resist external interference.
11. Does the KA11 support in-line remote and microphone in the headphone?
Sorry, KA11 does not support wire microphones. But actually, when you answer the phone, you can hear the other person's voice in the headset, and speaking through the microphone of the phone is also a good experience. In addition, you can also choose to support the KA1 wire microphone.