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1. Quick start guide, Windows USB DAC driver, FiiO Control Android version download link

Quick start guide download link: Click here

FiiO USB DAC driver download (For Windows computer): Click here

FiiO Control Android version download link: Click here

Note: The JA11 could not be controlled via the iOS version FiiO Control APP.

2. What accessories are included in the JA11?

Unit*1, Quick start guide*1, Warranty card*1

3. How to control the JA11 via the FiiO Control APP in Android mobile phone?

1.Please update the FiiO Control APP to latest version first.(You could search from APP market or click this download link: Click here)

2.Connect the JA11 to the Android mobile phone via the USB. In the FiiO Control app 'My product' page,choose JA11 to enter JA11 control page.

Note: The JA11 could not be controlled via the iOS version FiiO Control APP.



4. How to use the JA11 as a USB DAC for mobile phones?

The JA11 can be connected to the mobile phone or PAD with Type C port via its Type-C cable.

Notes: 1. A compatibility issue may occur to certain Android mobile phones or music players due to system and hardware differences.

2. Some mobile phones are required to turn on the OTG function, so as to use the JA11 normally. For detailed settings, please consult the support of mobile phones.

3. Some mobile phones may show the 'non-certified Type-C digital headphone' notification. You can ignore the message and use it normally.

5. How to use the KA11 as a USB DAC for computers?

[Windows PC]

1.It runs drive-free in Windows 10 and above systems.

2.Install the FiiO USB DAC driver. It supports ASIO output for further DSD DOP128. Please click the link here to download the driver: Click here

3.On the menu of settings - audio output device of the playback software, select "FiiO JA11" and then connect the JA11 to the headphones to listen to music.

DSD track playback settings: Click here

[MAC computer]

MAC systems do not need a driver. If connecting to a Type-C port of the computer, you could use the JA11 Type C edition. Please select "FiiO JA11" as the audio output device on the computer.

Note:If the computer does not have Type C port but the USB A port, please use an extra Type C to USB A adapter for connecting.

6. Does the JA11 support in-line remote and microphone in the headphone?

Yes, JA11 supports in-line remote control and recording. You could enable the in-line microphone function via FIIO Control APP.

Note: When using on the computer with FiiO USB DAC driver , due to the limitation of the driver, please disable the in-line microphone function to use it normally.

7. Can I connect the KA11 with the NS or PS5?

Yes, the JA11 supports UAC 1.0 mode.(You could switch the UAC mode via  the Android version FiiO Control APP.) So it is could work with NS or PS5 via USB connection.

8. How to customize the PEQ function of JA11?

A: JA11 has three preset EQ: Classic, BASS and Vocal. It could also support 5 bands PEQ for users to to adjust the appropriate curve.

iOS devices users can adjust the settings via Android device. The EQ can be saved after adjustment, which is also effective in iOS devices.

9. JA11 fails to work when connecting to the computer?

Firstly, make sure that whether the device has been recognized normally: right-click on My Computer-Manage-Device Manager-Sound, video and game Controller

Does the device named JA11 show? If not, it is possible that the device is damaged. Please contact support@fiio.com or your seller for help.

If JA11 can be recognized but not outputting normally, please try the following steps:

1. 3.5mm headphone with in-line remote control (TRRS) is connected to JA11:

When using on the computer with FiiO USB DAC driver , due to the limitation of the driver, headphone with in-line remote control is not compatible. Please check whether the in-line remote control headphone is connected? If yes, you could disable the in-line microphone function through the FiiO control app in your Android phone, and then you can reconnect JA11 to the computer use it normally.

2. 3.5mm headphone without in-line remote control (TRS) is connected to JA11: Please connect the headphone to the JA11 first. The headphone will be automatically recognized as 3pins headphone by the JA11, and then you can connect JA11 to the computer use it normally.

If the above methods fail to help, please contact support@fiio.com for help.

10. The volume gets lower when I turn on EQ?

When EQ is turned on, in order to avoid output distortion, internal processing will be done to reduce the gain. It is normal that the volume is lower comparing with EQ off.

11. JA11 fails to play DSD?

The following methods can help you to solve the problem:

1. Make sure that the USB exclusive mode is turned on in the APP;

2. Check whether the audio source is correct. JA11 support DSD up to 128 in DOP mode. JA11 does not support DSD Native mode.

12. Calling is not supported after turning on in-line microphone function?

Please check whether you are using Huawei mobile phone or iPhone. The mobile phones from this two brands do not support in-line control calling due to limitation.

13. About the volume adjustment of JA11

The volume adjustment of JA11 and the mobile phone are separate. You could adjust the volume via mobile phone or via JA11 through the FiiO Control APP and get finer volume adjustment. 

14. The device will disconnect and restart when I click save after setting in FiiO Control?

 The chip needs to power off and restart after setting. So it is normal that the device will disconnect and restart after clicking save in FiiO Control APP.

15. The comparison between JA11 and KA11

ColourMidnight black/Dawn sliverMidnight black/Glacial silver
FiiO ControlSupportedSupported
WeightAbout 5gAbout 8.5g
DimensionsBody:About 11*9*90mm(Cable included)Body:About 44.5*9.7*9.7mm Cable:70mm
In-line microphoneSupportedNot supported
PEQSupportedNot supported
Audio inputType-CType-C or Lightning
Headphone output3.5mm3.5mm
Sampling rate displayN/ARGB indicator light:
Blue:48kHz and below Yellow:48kHz and above Green:DSD
Supported sampling ratePCM: 384KHz/32bitDSD: Dop 64/128PCM: 384KHz/32bitDSD: Dop 64/128 Native 64/124/256
Output amplitudePO>1.0V(32Ω/THD+N<1%)PO>2.55V(32Ω/THD+N<1%)
Output power30mW@32R(PO)200mW@32R(PO)
THD+N<0.004%(32Ω A-weighted)<0.0006%(32Ω A-weighted)
Noise floor≥115dB(32Ω A-weighted)≥125dB(32Ω A-weighted)
Power consumption24mA(standby)25mA( 40mV)90mA(standby)100mA( 40mV)