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  1. JT1 quick start guide

Quick start guide:Click here

  1. What accessories are included?

Abundant accessories

Headphones*1, 3.5mm MIC cable*1, 3.5mm female to 6.3mm male adapter*1, Storage bag*1, Manual*1, Warranty card*1

  1. What are the characteristics of the JT1 speaker unit and sound performance?

The JT1 employs a 50mm dynamic driver, based around a PEK+PU+aluminum polymer diaphragm carefully chosen after evaluating numerous materials. The lightweight nature of the driver allows it to move quickly to reproduce even the most subtle of details, while being supported by a brass gasket means it also achieves low distortion and well-extended frequency response.

To achieve great sound, one must use high quality parts. To that end, the JT1 is equipped with high performance N52 magnets, a high-tension CCAW voice coil, and a carefully-designed driver diaphragm in order to achieve a natural and accurate sound.

The wide soundstage and robust yet well-controlled bass lead to a truly detailed and immersive sound.

Sound direction

JT1 is a headphone with both low-frequency sense of volume and high resolution, wide and accurate soundstage, which is suitable for listening to pop, vocals, and folk music.

1. In the low-frequency, JT1 has a surging low-frequency sound effect and a sense of power, the sound is powerful and strong overall, strong but not false.

2. In high resolution, the sound image is clear and natural, to accurately express the true face of the sound, sharp and not mushy.

3. The impedance of JT1 is 32 Ω, so even when used with a front-end with low output power , it will be able to fully demonstrate the sound performance.

  1. What is the configuration of the headphone cable?

JT1 is equipped with a high-purity oxygen-free copper 3.5mm Mic cable. The cable length is 1.5 meters and each wire with a diameter of 27AWG.  The copper wires help to give a solid and highly-detailed sound, fully transmitting lossless sound directly to you.

In order to meet the needs of some users using the balanced port, we have additionally designed a dual 3.5 to 4.4 balanced cable (Material is high purity oxygen-free copper as well.) If you need, you could purchase it separately.

  1. What is the housing material of the JT1? How is the wearing experience?

The JT1 consists of a stainless-steel headband, paired with lightweight ABS cavities housing the drivers, which are covered with a star-shaped hollow aluminum cover. It is a lightweight, simple yet elegant design that is both practical and attractive.

The JT1 features a leather-wrapped adaptive headband that automatically fits the headphones perfectly to your head for more enjoyable listening sessions.

  1. Is it easy to drive the JT1? Can ordinary cell phones drive it?

The JT1 features a high sensitivity easy to drive design so it could be easily driven even by ordinary cell phones or USB dongles. But the output effect could be even better when pairing with professional portable players.

  1. Is it necessary to burn in the JT1?

Because of the working principles and characteristics of the unit speakers, new earphones usually need to be burned in for about 200 hours so to make the diaphragm work in the best state.

In general, you can choose some softer songs and keep the volume at a medium level until you are satisfied with the sound performance of the earphones.

  1. How to tell the right and left channels of JT1?

The internal side of the U-shaped hanger on the headphone shell was designed with an L/R maker to distinguish the left and right channels.

Left/Right channel headphone plug of the headphone cable:

The blue plug means the left channel,and the red one means the right (the right channel features a microphone).

  1. The impedance and sensitivity of JT1?

Impedance: 32Ω

Sensitivity: 103dB/Vrms (@1kHz)

  1. The Weight of JT1?

Weight: About 355g (excluding cable)

Weight: About 300g (not excluding cable)

  1. What's the material of the earpads for JT1?

Protein leather earpads

  1. Frequency response graph of JT1

Frequency response: 15Hz-30KHz