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1. JH5 quick start guide

 Quick start guide:Click here

2. How many drivers does the JH5 have? What is the included cable?

[Driver configuration]

The JH5 is 1 dynamic 4 BA three-way design. Its 10mm carbon-based dynamic driver is similar to those used in the popular FIIO “Little Conch” series of headphones.To achieve sound quality targets, the development team also saw fit to equip the JH5 with two custom ultra-high frequency (UHF) BA drivers.

[Included cable]

The JH5 includes included 392 wires of silver-plated copper headphone cable, with interchangeable 0.78mm 2-pin connectors.

3. What is the sound tuning style of the JH5? What type of music is it suitable for?

The tuning of JH5 is based on neutral tuning, adjusted in favor of pop style. It is headphone with omnivorous ability (all-round player).

The JH5 has a rich bass and midrange. Whether it's classic or modern pop style music, a variety of jazz R&B, and rap hip-hop, the JH5 does a great job of bringing it all out.

Despite having four dynamic drivers sounding together in the high-frequency band, after crossover circuitry and physical filtering, the JH5's high frequencies are smooth and non-irritating, with good reproduction of treble vocals and good detail when replaying a variety of instruments.

4. What are the accessories? Is the cable interchangeable?

[Accessories included]

JH5 earphones*1, 0.78mm 2pin silver-plated copper cable*1, Balanced ear tips S/M/L*3 pairs, Bass ear tips S/M/L*3 pairs (M pre-installed), HB11 transparent storage case*1, Manual*1

[What are the differences between different ear tips?]

1. Bass ear tips, which can improve the bass sense:

Oragle-small size

Blue-middle size

Baby blue-big size

2. Translucent black ear tips: balanced ear tips, actual listening experience may vary from users.

[How to choose suitable ear tips]

The external size of the sound tube is 6.0mm, so it is suggested to choose ear tips with an inner diameter between 4 to 5mm.


The JH5 features a 0.78 2pin detachable cable that allows ample opportunities for future upgrades.

The JH5 unit is compatible with FiiO's cable series and Bluetooth ear hooks with detachable 0.78 connectors, not including the JD1's cable.

The JH5 cable is compatible with FiiO's headphones with 0.78 connectors, not including JD1/FF1/FF3S/FD11/FH11.

5. How to exchange the earphone cable for the JH5?

First, a standard cable with 0.78mm 2-pin connectors is a must. When attaching or detaching the cable, remember to keep the earphone unit and the cable aligned. Blue is for the left side while red is for the right.

6. Why not use an MMCX connector?

There are many MMCX-connector earphone cables. However, expanded MMCX connectors are required for better reliability, which are more expensive. In contrast, 2-pin connector cables are fewer on the market, but they have cheaper costs. Some custom earphones usually feature 2-pin connectors due to special resin material used. We have to control the cost of the JH5, so we give up the MMCX connector.

7. What's the material of JH5?

To achieve better sound and superior comfort, the shell is made from medical-grade resin that has gone through high-precision DLP 3D printing.The cover is a liquid die-cast zinc alloy surface cover.